Diane Tourette's Syndrome

Diane’ Tourettes is “defined by uncontrollable and socially inappropriate cursing Why Does Tourettes Make People Curse Uncontrollably? By Natalie Wolchover, LIVE SCIENCE, July 8, 2011.

Diane knows exactly what caused her Tourettes - the Red Corvette Scandal at Florida Atlantic University. Diane will save the complete from story for another blog post but this article from the Florida Sun Sentinel gives a good overview.

RED FLAGS RAISED ABOUT CORVETTE, Jennifer Peltz and Neil Santaniello, July 11, 2003.

The “incident” was traumatic for Diane. Her body shut down and functioned with difficulty. Diane functioned on autopilot and made bad decisions. Only in the last few years has Diane been able to accurately access what happened and move on.

As Diane started to recover, Diane noticed that she had become highly sensitized to the BULLSHIT factor that dominates US Institutions - Government, Business, Education, Whatever today.

Whenever Diane encountered “MESSAGING” or “ON MESSAGE” from a lobbyist(s) or a STUPID LAWYER GAME from a lawyer(s), or BULLSHIT RHETORIC from elected official(s), Diane erupts in a torrent of profanity. Her favorites are FUCK OFF, GO FUCK YOURSELF, FUCKING IDIOT(S).

If Diane’s profanity is directed at you, please get out of her sight immediately and allow her to recover.

Often a rant will start after Diane has read an Article from a respected Journalist or Newspaper on the Internet, What President Trump calls “Fake News.”

Diane find it particularly difficult to be in Portland, Oregon because Oregon is run by lobbyists and lawyers, Diane is constantly finding situations where friends and colleagues have their time and money hijacked by lobbying organizations in the name of the common good. So SAD!

Diane moved her domicile back to Lake Worth Florida which has helped. Diane votes in Florida and has a Homestead Exemption on her Condo. This means Diane must spend 6 months and one day in residence in Florida. It also means lower Real Estate Taxes and a Homestead Exemption so Diane will not lose her home should she need to file bankruptcy.

The State of Florida has many opportunities for civic participation as a volunteer.

Diane has applied to be a Senior Sleuth in the Seniors vs Crime Program of Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. More to come after July 1st.

Diane has joined the Lakeside Point Apartment No. 5 Association Inc. Board and will be filing suggestions with the Condominium Ombudsman regarding Florida Statutes Chapter 718 Condominiums

Easter Sunday, A Different Era - Diane Freaney, Father (James Freaney), Mother (Dorothy Freaney)

Easter Sunday, A Different Era - Diane Freaney, Father (James Freaney), Mother (Dorothy Freaney)

Now that I have explained Diane’s Tourettes, I will switch from the Third Person (Diane) to the First Person (I). This blog is my diary written for me from my point of view. I care NOT about SEO or whatever. I write for myself, with the possibility of turning this blog into a book or several books in the future.