Old Photo from the Assessors File

Old Photo from the Assessors File

My daughter Allison and I moved to 3101 Shawnee Green in Ambler Pennsylvania on September 5, 1980. Allison was 5 1/2 years old and in Kindergarten at the Miquon School. My neighbor, Annetta Morrison and her four children, moved into 3100 about the same time. Paul Weir moved into 3102 and our three unit cluster was complete.

Allison and I with Star in our backyard at 3101 Shawnee Green

Allison and I with Star in our backyard at 3101 Shawnee Green

Arrowhead was a townhouse development in the suburbs, unusual at the time as I recall, and one of the first to be built by Westrum Enterprises. The townhouses were very affordable and the early residents were mostly families and single moms with children.

3100 Shawnee Green - $64,900
3101 Shawnee Green - $60,900
3102 Shawnee Green - $63,900

A 30-year fixed rate mortgage interest rate was 15%. I opted for a new type of Mortgage, an Adjustable Rate, with a 12% rate at closing. My banker tried to talk me into a 30-year fixed. He was convinced that rates were going to 18% and 15% was a bargain. I stuck with the 12% Adjustable rate, never paid more than 12% and was also was able to pay the mortgage off in 7 years.

Westrum did cut corners. The washer was not hooked up correctly, leaked and ruined the dining room ceiling and the dining room table. No sooner did we get the ceiling fixed than a guest used the shower in the hall bathroom and we discovered the shower had not been calked.

The front steps were not