Dinner With My Father


A New Ritual For Christmas

This year I had the best Christmas ever. I hung out with my Facebook friends, cooked breakfast for Daphne (the dog), ate leftover turkey dinner from New Seasons and drank Manhattans in my father's Red Coach Grill glasses with my father's photograph.

My Father Made Perfect Manhattans

My Father made the best Manhattans - Old Forester Bourbon, Tribuno Dry and Sweet Vermouth and Angostura Bitters, with maraschino cherries. My Father called the cherries “drunken cherries” and let me eat the cherries from the bottom of his glass.

My Manhattans were Pre-Mixed Ready To Pour Driftwood Manhattans, a blend of New Deal Rye Whiskey, Hammer & Tongs L’Afrique Vermouth, and Aromatic Bitters. I skipped the maraschino cherries because “they are high in calories and added sugar, contain artificial coloring and provide little in the way of vitamins and minerals.”

The Red Coach Grill glasses are smaller than today’s Martini glasses, but I got to drink both glasses. Still something was missing. Next year I will purchase all the ingredients and make Perfect Manhattans from scratch, using my Father’s recipe.

My Father’s Favorite Dessert

My Father’s favorite dessert was Smucker’s Chocolate Magic Shell on Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream. Chocolate Magic Shell - like the maraschino cherries - I have learned is bad for your health, causes cancer or whatever.

Fo dessert, I made fresh raspberry sauce with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, only one since it wasn’t my father’s favorite.

Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream with freshly made raspberry sauce and Reddi Whip

Breyer’s Vanilla Ice Cream with freshly made raspberry sauce and Reddi Whip

I finished dessert, washed the Read Coach Grill glasses and took one more picture of my Dad with his glass before I put both Red Coach Grill glasses back on the Emerson Street House Altar until next year.


I welcome this new Ritual into my life and plan to repeat every year at Christmas. I reject Traditional Rituals because they are often religious ceremonies consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

I was raised Irish Catholic in Boston, Massachusetts. The impact on my life was profound in both positive and negatives ways.

More later.

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