BGI Commencement, June 9, 2013

BGI graduation is the end of a long career in finance and administration and the beginning of something new. She is not sure what “something new” is yet. Diane has always had trouble deciding what she wants to be when she grows up, and that is still true - even though she is the oldest graduate in BGI’s history. Diane biggest accomplishment at BGI was unlocking her “right-brain” and learning to value her intuition and creativity. Her biggest challenge is integrating her “left-brain” with her “right-brain” so that her analytical skills are used to produce sustainable results for people, planet, purpose and profit.

The corporate world that Diane inhabited looked more like Mad Men than Facebook. The organizational structure was HIERARCHAL and MASCULINE. Linear solutions were prized and rewarded; few people thought in systems. The economic model was built on the unsustainable assumption that growth would continue exponentially forever.

Right no we are in that chaotic period when a new paradigm is emerging - and exciting and difficult place to be. Diane is grateful to be graduating with such an incredible group of people.