Let’s get started!

I advice President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and a host of other International, National, State, County, City and Rural government officials.

These folks LISTEN.

I send a letter to President Trump, I sometimes get a letter back. I send a letter to First Lady Melanie Trump, I sometimes get a letter back.

I E-Mail president Trump, I ALWAYS get an E-Mail.

Check out the White House Get Involved Page Clear, concise directions on how to communicate with the President of the United States.

Meanwhile a bunch of SQUARESPACE techies are sitting in their ivory tower in downtown Portland talking to each other, dreaming up new bells and whistles which customers DO NOT WANT and refusing to meet with customers.

I am vacationing at The Emerson Street House - 1006 NE Emerson Street, Portland, OR 97211 - and am available to meet in my home. Please E-Mail at for an appointment.

This meeting is PROBONO, i.e. I waive my usual $500.00 an hour fee. I will be so grateful if you will give me EXACTLY what I want and promise me you will not change anything in my template. I will be honored to serve as a reference for SQUARESPACE.

Peace & Love,