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That is how I describe my approach to life. My intent with this blog is to speak my own truth, to listen to your truth and to create together the world we want to live in.

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No Fear! Peace & Love!


When Julie Keefe brought her “Message To A President” photo booth to the Emerson Street House, I sent President Trump the message - No Fear! Peace & Love!

Message to A President by Julie Keefe and Fellow Americans.


Privacy Policy




I chose to give up my own privacy. I have signed the Transparency Pledge from OPENTHEBOOKS.COM.

I support the work of OPENTHEBOOKS.COM and use their data sets in my work.

I am an ACCOUNTANT by trade and “playing games with numbers” is in my DNA.


I encourage you to learn about my work by reading blog posts directly on my web site and leaving no trace you ever visited.

I respect your right to be a Private Person. If I have “outed” you in the past, I apologize. I learn from my mistakes.

Mail Chimp is the only place where I collect your information. You can opt out at any time. If you ask me to delete your information, I will. I do not allow paid advertising on my sites and I will never sell your information.

Public Persons


I chose to be a PUBLIC PERSON. I am active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My web sites are –,,, and

I work exclusively with PUBLIC PERSONS. I reserve the right to provide authentic feedback to all PUBLIC PERSONS listed below. I am grateful to know many amazing PUBLIC PERSONS and will celebrate our work together in my blog from time to time.

I have also been treated disrespectfully, cheated, gaslighted, bullied, ignored, abused and treated shabbily by PUBLIC PERSONS. When that happens, I will write to the PUBLIC PERSON to resolve the issue(s).

When the PUBLIC PERSON is an Organization, I will write to the head of the Organization, identified by me as the decision maker. I will (1.) outline the problem from my perspective, (2.) propose a solution which will prevent the problem from happening in the future and (3.) send an Invoice for my time, plus any expenses incurred.

My MINIMUM CHARGE IS $500.00, which applies when the PUBLIC PERSON replies immediately by US Mail or E-mail, implements my suggestions and/or implements additional or alternative Internal Controls to solve/prevent future problems and thank us for our service. And, of course, send a check to pay my Invoice.

I expect a response from the PUBLIC PERSON addressed in my letter.


  • Elected officials

  • Attorneys, Accountants, Bankers, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Lobbyists, Planners

  • Federal, State, County, City, Municipal, Rural and other Governmental Units - Employees and Contractors

  • Non-Profit Organizations - Executives, Employees and Contractors

  • Benefits and Public Purpose Companies - Executives, Employees and Contractors

  • Publicly-Traded Companies - Executives, Employees and Contractors

  • Vendors/Suppliers - Executives, Employees and Contractors

There is NO Privacy in the Internet Age

Privacy in the Internet Age is a MYTH. I am a PUBLIC PERSON. I expect my information to be out on the Internet and I expect it to be correct. I decided to check.

I put my name and Portland, OR in FastPeopleSearch. The thumbnail information showed by neighbor as AKA (alias). Holy moly I thought I have to correct this. I paid for a 6 month Premium Membership to and the craziness began. has combined my records with records of my neighbor and her children from 3101 Shawnee Green, Ambler, PA. I wrote to to ask PeopleFinders to make corrections and received this reply -

PeopleFinders has access to billions of public records, including the most recent and 40-years worth of historical data. This allows us to provide information about most every person or business in the United States. Public records are created from a variety of sources, including phone directories, property records, birth and death records, magazine subscriptions and voter registration cards. Information is not guaranteed to be correct with public record data. Although PeopleFinders provides public records, we do not create or modify them in any way. We are only able to display the information provided in each record, so we cannot guarantee their accuracy. You do have the option to remove your records via the link below if you do not want them displayed. We have cancelled your account for further renewals, we are unable to provide a refund. Please call us at the number below if you require further assistance.

How crazy is this! Correcting my information, which is selling without my permission, is NOT an option, although OPT OUT is offered. is very clear - they only sell PUBLIC Records. If you want a Background Check, Criminal Records, Bankruptcy, Reverse Phone Lookup, Property Records refers you to,,, and All have the caveat below on their web site..

Persopo's goal is to provide easy online access to public record information in a fast, safe, and affordable manner. Because Persopo is not a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you must not use this site if you are searching for a person because you are considering them for employment, credit or insurance eligibility, tenancy, or any other reason that would require FCRA compliance.

To translate, Consumer Reporting Agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). FCRA guarantees you can correct your information. et al are SCAMS. Don’t waste your money!

Screenshot 2018-12-16 10.44.15.png

Footnote: My neighbor does not have Internet access and only uses snail mail. and the other SCAM Artists have found enough information on her to try and sell her information.

I only know one person who, et al failed to locate. She is retired CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Most of us are not that lucky.

FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some others are ACCURATE and FREE. Oh you can pay for Premium but it isn’t necessary. These guys are under a microscope, not just in the United States but around the world.

If you have questions about my background, feel free to ask.


Screenshot 2018-11-11 09.49.48.png

Facebook, Google and other Internet Companies have armies of lawyers trying to make sense of Cookies and Internet Privacy issues and the Global Impact. I will leave them to their work.

My work is LOCAL. All my work is handled through Florida Limited Liability Companies - Freaney & Company LLC and Emerson Street House LLC.


All my sales are LOCAL and subject to Sales Tax rules and regulations for Palm Beach County, Florida. The Sales Tax Rate is 7% in November 2018.

All purchases are LOCAL. LOCAL purchasing assures that I pay Sales Tax on all purchases and can avoid tracking sales subject to Use Tax.

I do not accept Credit Cards or PayPal because our own Credit Cards has been hacked so many times.

I accept Personal Checks, Business Checks and/or Money Orders made out as follows:

Freaney & Company LLC
2180 Lake Osborne Drive #10
Lake Worth, FL 33461

By The Way (BTW), I do love fresh baked COOKIES, especially Chocolate Chip Cookies, also Oatmeal, Peanut Butter and other home baked varieties.

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